General Terms and Conditions

Virtusto is an Egency S.à.r.l project, with its official address 14, rue Robert Stümper L-2557 Luxembourg, registration number: B266205 hereafter called "Virtusto".
This terms and conditions define the rules between Virtusto and the page visitors herby called as “Customer”.

Any conflicting or modification of the present conditions coming from the customer are only binding and valid if Virtusto has accepted them in writing.

Before placing an order customers should read the present general terms and conditions in full. If customers do not agree to any of these terms and conditions, orders will not be accepted.

  1. Acceptance of orders

After having placed an order on the Virtusto website(s), your order will be added into the shopping cart. Out of the shopping cart, you will have to you checkout, which will lead you to the payment page in which you have to add your customer details, such as address, delivery address, names, email address and others.

All these information have to be correct as they will be used for payment and delivery. On this page you also have the possibility to choose a payment method. Offered payment methods are bank transfer or credit card payments. Credit card payments are made via Stripe. For these payments, please check Stripe business conditions on the stripe website,

You will receive an email, informing, that we have received your order. Please note, that this email is not an order confirmation or order acceptance from Virtusto.

Order acceptance between Customer and Virtusto will be effective and take place when the customer’s order is dispatched, unless Virtusto has cancelled the order. Virtusto can refuse orders or customers without reason.

Non-acceptance of any order may be one of the following:

- The ordered product is out of stock
- No customer payment authorisation or no arrival of payment on Virtusto bank account

- No customer payment authorisation or no arrival of payment on Stripe credit card payment provider (Stripe)
- Product price or description error
- Designs being too complex to print or no possibility to fulfil the order from any technical point of view
- Breach or trial to breach theses general terms of conditions
- Orders where Virtusto has a reason thinking they might breach any trademarked or copyrighted images, texts, logos or marks or any other legal regulations.

Orders via the website will be confirmed by email. Should you not receive a confirmation email within 2 business days, please contact support at

  1. Rights to Print Designs, Indemnity

The "materials provided" as referenced below includes all information, designs, including print motifs and any fonts, and any other materials provided by the customer to Virtusto and/or approved by the same (if Virtusto has adapted or designed materials for this customer order).

Customer understand that he is solely responsible for the content posted on or through Virtusto services.

The customer guarantees Virtusto and Virtusto affiliates, legal representatives, employees and agents, that the material provided does not infringe applicable legal provisions (in particular rules of criminal laws and regulations to protect minors) or third party rights (including copyrights, moral rights, trademark rights, design mark rights and similar intellectual property rights). The customer shall notify Virtusto immediately if a third party asserts rights to the provided materials.

Customer warrants that the customer owns the copyright or has correct commercial licenses in place for all images, texts or any other artwork uploaded or otherwise used and submitted through any other channel to Virtusto.

Customer confirms to authorize Virtusto and it’s suppliers, to use the designs, texts, art work or any other protected content during the time needed to print. No fees, such as royalties, or any other, may be invoiced to Virtusto

Virtusto confirms, that all content you are using during the order process, remains Customers ownership.

If the material provided violates any laws or third-party rights, Virtusto and its affiliates, legal representatives, employees and agents shall be entitled to require the customer to compensate them for any damage incurred there from. The customer is especially obliged to indemnify Virtusto and its affiliates, legal representatives, employees and agents in any and all trials, legal proceedings, claims, damages, costs or other expenses arising from the fact that a third party has asserted claims for damages of its rights against the same.

The customer assumes sole responsibility for reviewing the material provided for any breaches of legal regulations and third-party rights. If it is determined or there is a a reasonable suspicion that the material provided for a contract is breach of legal regulations or third-party rights, in addition to any possible claims, objections, and appeals, Virtusto is also entitled to reject or withdraw from the contract.

Customers agree to indemnify and hold harmless Virtusto, its agents, officers, directors, employees and permitted successors against all claims, liability damages, costs and expenses including legal fees, arising as a result of Virtusto printing or processing in any way any order(s) or saved designs which contain any images, designs or artwork for which customers do not hold legal and commercial rights, permissions or licenses for usage.

3. Technical and design deviations

We reserve the right, when preforming the contract, to deviate commercially from the descriptions and information on our website, with respect to material, colour, weight, measurements, design or other characteristics of the goods, insofar as these deviations are reasonable for the Customer. Reasons for such deviation may include the customary variances in the trade and technical production processes or if the modification would raise the quality of the product.

  1. Order cancellation

To be able to deliver orders as quickly as possible, Virtusto starts immediately with the work on the orders. As the products are individual products, no cancellation is allowed and will not be accepted.

5. Payments

Virtusto offers payments by bank transfer or credit card. All orders are only executed when the full amount, as indicated on the invoices, has been received on Virtustos account.

Credit Card payments are offered via Stripe credit card services. Please visit for all information about Stripe.

Virtusto does not accept cash or cheque payments.

6. Pricing

All prices indicated on the Website are valid prices and are not negotiable. For some products we might offer mass pricing, information about these are available on the website.

All prices are in EUR and inclusive Luxembourg VAT. VAT will be calculated during the payment process. VAT will be calculated based on customer address.

Prices might be modified at any time and offers and may be withdrawn at any time. The valid prices are the ones indicated on the website.

Please note, transport costs will be calculated on top of the product price. Transport costs are calculated based on the delivery address indicated by the customer.

7. Product information and availability

Virtusto offers selected products on the web shop. Availabilities may vary and delivery may be different due to product availabilities.
Prices of products may change from time to time. If items that you order are out of stock, subject to a delay or the price is higher than that shown on your order, we will try to contact you at the email address you provided when placing your order.

Virtusto reserved the right to take off or modify products at any time.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, it is necessary to substitute an item, the item will be of equal or greater quality, resp. value that the item it replaces.

8. Delivery

Delivery costs are calculated based on the product and the region where the item(s) will be delivered. The delivery price is calculated at the end of the order process within the payment procedure. Delivery price is added on top of the product price(s).

Delivery times are indicated at the product description. Please note, that delivery times may vary and are not guaranteed.

9. Marketplace

Virtusto offers a special market place on which Customers can sell own products bought and produced by Virtusto. Customers can define own pricing and description. Virtusto offers an administrational backend in which Customers can manage products and orders on their own.

Customers have to apply via the website to become access to a marketplace. All miss use or breach of the present terms and conditions will result to immediate closing of the Customer Market place.

10. Returns / Refunds

As all products are individually designed returns cannot be granted. Except if the product is broken, badly printed or has any critical damages coming from transport or bad production. Customers should contact Virtusto to request a return, exchange of product or refund. Virtusto will check each request individually and decides from case to case if a refund or retour of product(s) will be granted.

If a retour is granted the Customer will have to send the product(s) back to Virtusto on the address send to the Customer during the request. Postage or return costs will not be prepaid by Virtusto and are Customers responsibility. Reimbursement will only be done by Virtusto in case of real damage, faulty or incorrect supplied goods. Damages will only be reimbursed or exchanged when the damage is a result of Virtusto’s bad handling or happened due to bad transport. Bad handling or miss usage by the Customer will not be reimbursed or exchanged.
Virtusto reserves the right to analyse and investigate damages, bad delivery or any other issue before taking a decision of reimbursement or exchange of products.

11. Design and image quality

Virtusto is an automated execution printing service provider. We print your products as we receive them. Our technology will advise during the customer production process about quality, positioning etc. These recommendations have to be considered seriously to get the best and highest quality. All images used to print on Virtusto products have to have a high quality to get the best printing results.
If this is not given, Virtusto will print the products using the provided images, design and any other art work despite the outcome.

12. Support

Virtusto is delighted to help Customers, Customers can contact Virtusto directly via the contact possibilities via the website or by email using . Our support staff is available on working days from Monday to Friday from 09.00h to 17.00h. Support times may vary without notice.

13. Customers risk / responsibility

At the moment, on which the ordered goods have been delivered, the risk of damage or loss shall passes over to the Customer. The risk and responsibility during the transport or during the execution of the delivery, the risk and responsibility is at the delivery company.

However, at all times the legal and equitable title in the goods ordered shall not pass to you and shall only do so, if and when, we have received the clearance of your full payment for the goods and any interest due under these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Taxes

    Customer is responsible for paying any applicable taxes to local tax authorities. Virtusto will invoice all applicable taxes and, the cases needed, the taxes will be added directly to the order price.

    European companies having a valid VAT number shall provide this number to Virtusto to benefit from the VAT exemption. Without having a valid VAT number Virtusto will calculate the legal percentage of the VAT.

  2. Jurisdiction - Place of Performance - Choice of Law

The place of performance for all deliveries is Virtusto‘ headquarters in Luxembourg.

All contracts entered into in accordance with these general terms and conditions are governed exclusively by the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In case of any dispute, the responsible court of justice is the Cour de Justice in Luxembourg city.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is invalid, the contract shall remain effective. If provisions are invalid, the content of the contract shall be governed in accordance with statutory regulations. The contract shall, however, be totally void, if adherence to it would present unreasonable hardship for either party if amended in such a way.

Version: 01/05.2024